Disney’s California and Disneyland

Hello there!

Recently, my sister and I went to Disneyland and Disney’s California (DC). It was really fun! I think we got lucky a lot of the times for particular rides and meeting characters. The DC day wasn’t as fun as the Disneyland day though…mainly because it was a holiday weekend and there were a lot of people.¬†DC day was still pretty cool though; we were able to do things that we were never able to do…like watch the Aladdin show and go on the Little Mermaid ride. That was entertaining. On the other hand,¬†Disneyland was way more exciting. We got to take pictures with multiple characters, watch the parade that they had, and watch the Fantasmic show (is that what it’s called?). We also got really lucky with the lines for certain rides like Indiana Jones and Pirates. I lost my ticket while waiting in line for Indiana Jones though…so that was a drag. However, I think it benefited us somehow because we were still able to go on all of the rides that we wanted. For example, we went on Space Mountain twice!! :D The first time we went on, the ride broke down on us at the very end. The second time we went on, we got the front row! That was amazing. It’s my favorite ride at Disneyland. However, I always find myself drooling like a dog on that ride for some reason. I guess I get too excited. Continue Reading…


Hey there friends! I forgot that I went to WonderCon in March so I’ll give a brief update on everything that I saw…along with some pictures to ease the boring text blocks.

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Just some random thoughts

Hey everyone!

I haven’t been able to post anything lately because I’ve been super busy. I have been going here and there but I have no documentation for any of it because I keep forgetting my camera at home. I’m not even going to lie, music and tumblr have been taking over my life. As you can see on the sidebar, I have “N/A” for television shows and such because I have only been involved with music, tumblr, and school…in that particular order. It’s a little sad. I guess I’ve just been burnt out since last quarter because I had so many papers to write. *excuses excuses…*

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