Recap: August 2013

Time has flown by so fast!

I can’t believe it’s April 2014. It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted something on my page. As I was looking through my webpage, I realized that I still had this draft to post. Initialy, it was going to recap August and September 2013 but I never got around to September. So here is the recap of August!

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Plans for August


I hope you’re having a nice summer ^_^ I wanted to write an entry about some plans that I have for the month of August. As you may have noticed, July was a bland month. Nothing exciting happened so I couldn’t really document anything. However, August is kind of filled with adventures.

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Your Ears Will Thank You [YEWTY] – B.A.P – Coffee Shop

Is it midsummer already? Time sure does fly, doesn’t it? I hope you’re having a lovely summer. Mine has been somewhat uneventful but I think I like it this way right now ^_^  I think the relaxing melody of this YEWTY song matches well with my summer sentiment so far.

Your Ears Will Thank You [YEWTY] – 언터쳐블 (Untouchable) – 연락 좀 자주해 (Call Me) feat. 앤드류 최 (Andrew Choi)

What time is it? YEWTY time!!

Okay, today’s YEWTY is for Untouchable‘s Call me (feat. Andrew Choi). First off, please excuse me while I go and weep in the corner because of how perfect this song is. This song is so good that I feel like I made YEWTY to specifically share this song. Your ears will literally thank you after you listen to this song.

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Recap: first half of 2013

Hi reader!

I hope you are doing well :) Surprisingly, the weather is kind of nice in southern California right now. According to my mom, it rained this morning! Yay! Let’s see how long it lasts before the sea of fire comes back though…

For this blog post, I wanted to go over the first half of 2013. As I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts, 2013 has somewhat been a boring year so far. I actually foresaw this though because I wanted to focus on my future this year – such as figuring out what I want to do and getting things ready to start my  real grown up life. If 2012 was the year of new beginnings and experiences, then 2013 (so far) is the year that I get my shit together. Let’s get started, shall we? :)

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