C’est la vie for a month: a recap from one year later

Hi reader!

As I promised, I am posting a quick recap of my time in France last year. I didn’t update very much last year because I was very busy, and I wanted to spend a lot of my time outside doing things. For the most part, I actually did document a lot by writing down some important events that happened on my phone’s calendar and took some pictures here and there. I guess I should start where I kind of left off then! Let’s get started, shall we?

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C’est la vie for a month: Part 1


I hope everyone is doing well. I apologize for not posting anything since I have been in Paris, but things are crazy here! Well, maybe not crazy. More like life has been a whirlwind of events but in a good way! I’ve made many new friends who I feel like I’ve known for years…even though we’ve only known each other for like two weeks. I think it’s because we’ve been through a lot together (specifically getting lost) so that has made us closer? I don’t know, but I love everyone!

Other than that, life as definitely been very eventful here. When I try to think about what I’ve done the past two weeks, I can barely even recall what happened. I usually have to check my┬áitinerary to remember what happened. Despite the fact that I have trouble remembering what happened (due to fatigue + constant events), I absolutely love it here! Things are slightly different here compared to home but I think I’m getting used to it. For example, people don’t smile around here. That bugged me the first week we were here but now I’m getting used to it. And I’ve picked up the habit of not smiling either! So please excuse me when I come back and I look bored/angry/whatever. It’s just me being neutral. Ah, what a strange habit to pick up but it’s definitely helped me in trying to blend in around here. I even got asked by a French girl where something was located the other day. Of course I didn’t know so I told her, “Oh, je ne sais pas.”

Anyway, since I procrastinated in blogging my first 2 weeks here, I’m going to write down things by date below so you can follow my adventure. Don’t worry! I have a good long term memory so I’ll be able to recall a lot :) so bear with me!

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Hi there friends!

So, it’s the night before leaving to France. I don’t know what I’m feeling right now. It’s a mixture of excitement and fear. I guess it’s a sublime/surreal feeling?? Either way, I’m very stoked about this trip. I hope to document a lot of my activities through various outlets, such as this blog, Facebook, twitter, and instagram. How exciting! I’ll finally feel like I have a use for those social networking sites. Haha

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