Big Bang’s V.I.P Crown Light Stick Battery Tutorial

Hi everyone!

A while ago, my Big Bang V.I.P crown light stick ran out of battery. I decided to change the battery today since KCON is coming up and I wanted to show my Big Bang love for G-Dragon (GD) – one of my ultimate biases :) However, I ran into some problems. My light stick wasn’t as bright as it should be and/or it was flickering every time I pressed the button. Either I got a crappy light stick or my batteries were bad. From what I can tell using Google, changing the batteries should have been very simple. The problem with changing my batteries is that the LR44 button cell batteries that I bought were more thin than the LR44 batteries that the light stick originally came with.

After make-shifting some things here and there, I figured it out! So if you have batteries that look exactly like the original batteries that it came with, it should be simple. If you got batteries that were slightly thinner (like I accidentally did), then continue reading to figure out how to change the batteries for Big Bang’s V.I.P crown light stick!  Continue Reading…

Plans for August


I hope you’re having a nice summer ^_^ I wanted to write an entry about some plans that I have for the month of August. As you may have noticed, July was a bland month. Nothing exciting happened so I couldn’t really document anything. However, August is kind of filled with adventures.

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