Two Month Anniversary of Being In Korea

Hi everyone!

I hope you all are doing well. :) Today is May 21st, which marks my two month anniversary of being in Korea. I was going to make a video but I’ve been quite tired and busy lately so I haven’t gotten around to it. HOWEVER!! I’ve written an update of my time here so far. [TL;DR at the end] :P

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Island Trip: Day 1

Hey everyone!

I had a 6-day vacation and decided to go on a trip with my friends. We went to Bukdo-myeon, which is a chain of islands off the west coast of South Korea. We went cycling, explored an abandoned school and soaked in the wonderful fresh air and sunshine. Continue Reading…

One Month Anniversary Of Being In Korea

After graduating university, I thought I would never have to worry about waking up early every morning and going to school. I thought I was going to be free from that dreadful schedule. Good bye school work! Good bye waking up early! Good bye PowerPoint presentations! Good bye unflattering fluorescent lights!!

Despite graduating, however, I still go to school five days a week. I still have to worry about school work. I still have to worry about PowerPoint presentations. And I still have to immerse myself in this unflattering fluorescent light.

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