Island Trip: Day 1

Hey everyone!

I had a 6-day vacation and decided to go on a trip with my friends. We went to Bukdo-myeon, which is a chain of islands off the west coast of South Korea. We went cycling, explored an abandoned school and soaked in the wonderful fresh air and sunshine. Continue Reading…

Your Ears Will Thank You [YEWTY] – B.A.P – Hurricane

Hello there!

As promised, here is my review on B.A.P’s Hurricane! I really wish I did a reaction video for this music video because it would have been priceless (the same goes with their song One Shot).

Your Ears Will Thank You [YEWTY] – B.A.P – Coffee Shop

Is it midsummer already? Time sure does fly, doesn’t it? I hope you’re having a lovely summer. Mine has been somewhat uneventful but I think I like it this way right now ^_^  I think the relaxing melody of this YEWTY song matches well with my summer sentiment so far.